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Prosthodontics is the arm of dentistry that deals with oral aesthetics. The professionals at the helm of this discipline are known as prosthodontists. They possess expertise in the replacement and restoration of damaged or lost teeth.

Wide Bay Central Dental Clinic is a reputed institute offering prosthodontic services in Hervey Bay, Qld. We are one of the pre-eminent names in the area who delivers customised and customer-friendly services.

The prosthodontists at our clinic have prolonged years of experience in eradicating the embarrassment people go through when smiling with an imperfect oral appeal.

What do the prosthodontists do?

A dental bridge is an artificial tooth or teeth held in place by neighboring teeth. The artificial tooth is called a pontic, and it fills the space where your natural teeth are missing.

Why do you need dental bridges?

Dental bridges are not just beneficial for improving your smile or bite but are also necessary for the following:

  • A missing tooth can cause the bone to contract. This can further cause your cheek and lips to sag making you look aged.
  • Teeth in the opposite jaw can move up or down into the gap.
  • Teeth in the adjacent area of the space can angle towards it.
  • Lastly, missing teeth can also lead to speech impediments. It can cause you to whistle, slur or even spit when saying particular words.


Dental bridges are of 4 types and available at Wide Bay Central Dental Clinic:


Traditional dental bridges include a pontic that is positioned in place with the help of dental crowns. These crowns are attached toprepared teeth neighboring the pontic.


Maryland dental bridges include a pontic with a porcelain or metal structure that is attached to the adjoining teeth. The structure is cemented to the back of the adjacent teeth.


Cantilever dental bridges include only one dental crown that holds the pontic in position. Thus, you only need a natural tooth adjacent to the gap.


Implant-supported dental bridges include dental implants that hold the pontic in place. Surgeries have to be carried out for installing the implants and placing the bridge.


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