What Every Parent Must Know About Children's Dentistry?

Why does your child need to see a dentist?

Regular dental checks are important for everyone but especially for children and this is because of a variety of reasons. These reasons include:

  • If children visit the dentist regularly small problems can be treated immediately before they become big problems,
  • Children can get cavities and gum disease,
  • Starting children with dental visits early can prevent children from having a fear of the dentist which follows them into adulthood,
  • Introducing to children the importance of oral hygiene while young can assist them from having dental problems in the future,
  • It assists parents with gaining the knowledge to be able to successfully take care of their children’s teeth; and
  • It gives parents the opportunity to speak to the dentist about any questions or concerns they may have.
Best Children Dentist Hervey Bay - Wide Bay Central Dental
Best Children Dentist Hervey Bay - Wide Bay Central Dental

When should your child start seeing a dentist?

The Australian Dental Association recommends that children begin seeing a dentist when the signs of the first teeth begin to emerge. For most children, the teething process begins between the ages of 6 and 9 months although in some cases the teething process can begin in children as young as 3 months old, and in rare cases, babies can even be born with pre-existing teeth.

After a child’s first trip to the dentist they should have regular 6 monthly trips to the dentist as their teeth begin to grow.

Bringing your child to the dentist is beneficial for both parents and children alike and will assist them with gaining important oral hygiene skills for life.

The Australian Government’s Child Benefit Dental Schedule (CBDS)

CDBS gives access to necessary dental services to eligible families and children in Australia. This program provides a benefit of $1052 to every child for two calendar years.

Any surplus fund that is not utilized within this time period will be carried forward to the following year.

Here at Wide Bay Central Dental, we do accept CDBS payments. In any situation where the cost of treatment exceeds this $1052 limit, our dentists will ensure they get your consent prior to proceeding with treatment.

Best Children Dentist Hervey Bay - Wide Bay Central Dental
Best Children Dentist Hervey Bay - Wide Bay Central Dental

Who is eligible for CBDS?

Only children between the ages of 0 and 17 are eligible under the CDBS. To be eligible for this scheme children must also be eligible for Medicare and be receiving one of the following benefits:

  • Family tax benefit A
  • Youth allowance
  • Parenting payment
  • Carers payment
  • Special benefit
  • Disability support pension
  • The benefit under the Military Rehabilitation and Compensation Act Education and Training Scheme (16 years and older)
  • The benefit under the Veterans’ Children Education Scheme (VCES) (16 years or older)

If you are unsure whether your child will be eligible to claim the CDBS then you can contact an appropriate government agency, or you can provide our practice with your Medicare card details and we can provide you with this information.

What treatments are covered under CDBS?

All dental treatments are covered under the Child Dental Benefit Schedule – CDBS with the exception of orthodontic work (braces, etc) and whitening.

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