What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are metal posts or metal frames that are inserted into the jawbone underneath the surface of the gum. These metal frames will then fuse to the jawbone giving stable support for dentures or dental crowns or bridges.

Having implants placed is a surgical procedure and does require several visits for a variety of reasons. Before implants can be placed the mouth needs to be prepared for implants, this means that the mouth needs to be healthy and free of disease. It also needs to be investigated whether there is enough jawbone for the implants to be placed into, where there is not enough bone to place implants sometimes bone grafting can be done to prepare the area although this also has to be investigated.

Once the mouth is prepared for the implant then the implants are placed, this is a surgical procedure and so does require some recovery time. Depending on the type of implant that is placed the second stage of surgery may be required although you will be informed by your dentist or surgeon where this is the case.

Once your implant site is ready for a prosthesis, which may take some months, then you need to begin treatment to have the appropriate prosthesis placed on your implants.

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