Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is an optional aesthetic treatment that is used to improve the colour of the teeth where an individual is not happy with their current colour.

There are two different methods of teeth whitening, one is an at home teeth whitening and the other is an in-chair whitening.

1) Take-home Whitening Kit Kit, involves providing you with a customised tray fitted to your teeth and with a bleaching material that is put inside the trays. This allows you to further control the colour of the teeth and whiten them slowly over time, it also allows you to spontaneously whiten the teeth where you feel it is required.

2) In-chair Teeth Whitening occurs in the dental chair and involves the dentist whitening the teeth for you using particular dental materials. This process will receive the desired response quicker than the take-home whitening kit however this option can cause more side effects.

Your dentist will be able to speak to you about your different options for teeth whitening and provide you with all the required information, so you can together come to the decision of what whitening option is best suited to you. Also, a payment plan option is available to cover your bill.

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Teeth Whitening