Teeth Extractions

Dental professionals will only extract a tooth where is necessary. In most cases a tooth extraction is straight forward and can be done on the day when required and in the dental chair.

There are some circumstances where teeth extractions can become more difficult such as where teeth are broken, decayed, sitting close to a nerve or in other ways damaged.

Where a dentist is not able to safely extract a tooth, they may refer you to see an oral surgeon.Where any pre-operative instructions are required, they will be given to you in sufficient time before your extraction appointment.

All instructions to properly take care of the area following a tooth extraction will be given to you after the procedure has commenced.

If you are in pain or need a tooth extractions give us a call on (07) 4194 2525 to book an appointment or speack to our team about your situation.

Teeth Extractions Dentist Hervey Bay